At the beginning of 2020, two respected brands have joined their forces to supply the best products with the best services. BIONOVA with their premium nutrients, stimulators and substrates and Zamnesia with their famous online platform with a great community of cultivators! We started together with the Monster Bud Mix, an easy-to-use main fertilizer for the full growth and flower cycle of any crop.

The Monster Bud Mix is an 100% VEGAN pebble fertilizer, where you mix 100-150gr per 20L substrate. After half a year all growers embraced this Monster Bud Mix for it’s easy usability and it’s very good results. Then the request arrived to create an stimulator pack that works together with the Monster Bud Mix. So we created the Monster Bud Boost Pack to work perfectly together with Monster Bud Mix, the Monster Bud Boost Pack consists of PK 13-14, X-ceL and Vitasol. 

This trio results in thicker and larger crops with a sweeter taste in the end!

Download the BIONOVA x Zamnesia growing guides in your language: