Bionova Soil

Soil cultivation is the classic method that allows even the novice grower to obtain respectable productions. See below all our Soil fertilizers and stimulators.


Bionova PK 13-14

The original PK 13-14


Bionova Roots

More roots, more flowers


Bionova Silution

Solution for the highest yield


Explore your way to grow

Bionova Soil Exploration Pack


Main Fertilizer

Bionova Soil Supermix

Concentrated Soil Fertilizer


Bionova The Missing Link (TML)

Premium green plants


Bionova Vitasol

The natural candy


Bionova X-ceL

Bigger fruits


Bionova Zym

The substrate energizer

Grow with Soil Cultivation

✔ Using soil substrates it is possible to apply different types of fertilizers such as organics, organo-minerals and minerals, both liquids and solids.

✔ The soil works as a filter for nutrients by retaining and releasing these when plants need them.

✔ Growing in soil allows you to prevent and remedy possible nutritional errors, deficiencies or excesses, without too many collateral damages.

✔ Specific substrates where the plants give particular and unique results to the end product, so make sure you choose only the soil that uses the best ingredients such as Bio Soilmix to grow your plants.

✔ Using Soil Supermix together with Bionova Stimulators creates  amazing results!