Bionova is an authorized manufacturer of EC Fertilizers, is registered with the Regulatory Authority of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation under number BRS204001383. Bionova is also registered with the NMI, Nutrient Management Institute. All mineral fertilizers fulfil the EC norm 2003/2003 and are thus permitted for sale in all EC Member States.

Production takes place according to a traceability system so that the full production process and the origins of the ingredients can always be retrieved.
All product labels have an EAN barcode which is intended for stock control and the automation of the order process and is unique for each product and type of packaging.
Substrates like Bio Soil and Cocomix Plus are certified under the RHP norm.
A good number of products are certified by Control Union, Ecocert and USDA NOP as organic and vegan. A larch number of USA-licenses are ready for the most important states.


As part of our process we maintain co-operative relationships with external laboratories. We create mutually beneficial networks with members of the scientific community whose studies correspond to our interests. In addition to that, we closely monitor the international market for ideas that could lead to better products. And most important of all, we keep the door open to our customers and invite their input. We listen to their recommendations and challenges, and we respond with products to meet their needs.