PRO service

At BIONOVA we go further than just selling nutrients, we aim to supply the best professional service for your cultivation. There are many crop varieties and ways to cultivate these crops, any of these demand a different input of nutrients. BIONOVA has more than 40 years of experience in numerous large scale agricultural operations worldwide, and we love to share this knowledge with you!

The BIONOVA PRO team consists of an official Agronomist, biologists and agricultural educated cultivation specialists, who are ready to support your cultivation process and train your staff to bring your operation to the next level!

We combine our premium nutrients, stimulators & substrates together with agricultural knowledge and experience to supply you the best in the industry. Are you looking for the best professional service combined with premium nutrients? Hit the contact box below to get in touch with one of our dedicated specialists for your operation!


Most cost-effective nutrients in the world?

With large scale agricultural operations it is highly important to save on costs. We created our extreme and highly concentrated main fertilizers with this in mind. Concentrated nutrients combined with a great price will prove that you can always save on your nutrients costs! Get in touch with one of our specialist to see how much you can win in nutrients use.


BIONOVA exists since 1993, and has always been a reliable partner for large scale operations. We do this by constantly testing every batch of nutrients we produce, to obtain the consistent premium quality we have been supplying since day one! We are not working with external recipes, BIONOVA only uses its own developed recipes and manufactures these. Our recipes have been proven over the years to be the highest standard in the industry.