BIONOVA x Zamnesia


Since the beginning of 2020, BIONOVA has joined forces with one of the most respected e-commerce platforms in Europe: Zamnesia. We started out with the Monster Bud mix, which is a vegan solid mix full with all the necessary elements to grow a healthy crop.

We saw that growers from all of Europe embraced this easy-to-use product due to the fact that after the grains are mixed in the substrate, only water is needed for a healthy growth. After we introducing this vegan fertilizer, we also received feedback and demands to create a stimulator pack to achieve bigger yields.

This has led to the second product to be sold from late 2020 on This product is The Monster Boost Pack and contains 3 stimulators: Pk 13-14, X-cel and Vitasol.

PK 13-14 is the original flower stimulator enriched with two macro elements phosphor and potassium for prompting the flower potency of the plant. In order to take the flowering potency of the plant to the next level there is BN X-cel as a second stimulator in the boost pack. X-cel is 100% vegan and is the perfect combination of vitamins, humic and fulvic acids, trace elements and bacterias that stimulate the metabolism.

Last but not least we have added Vitasol to this beautiful trio-pack.

Vitasol is a natural sugar molasses enriched with calcium, magnesium, copper and lime that will give a sweeter taste in every tested plant.