Bionova Profimix


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Product information "Bionova Profimix"

To create your own potting soil


100% organic grain fertilizer – Concentration 2kg:500L soil – NPK 5-4-7 + 2 MgO

All-in-one basic fertilizer for full cultivation

Profimix is developed for maximum profit and easy usability. Profimix contains organic fertilizers + micro-organisms. The organic matter we put inside profimix is completely free of animal-waste, so it’s a veganic fertilizer.
After mixing Profimix in the soil, only water is what you need to grow! Mix this basic fertilizer into your soil, and it's fertilized for 10-12 weeks. The easiest way of cultivation! Profimix stimulates the activity of micro-organisms, enhances the rooting process, provides vigorous growth and bloom. 

What is BioNova Profimix?

Profimix is a vegan grain fertilizer, especially created as an easy-to-use product. Just mix 100-150 grams per 15-20 liter pot. and the rest you have to do is just add water. No pH has to be measured as the micro-organisms inside the product will balance the pH in your substrate in a natural way!
 - Allround fertilizer for natural cultivation
 - Rapid growth and more internodes
 - Higher resistance against stress factors
 - Better root development
 - Very cost-efficient, works for 3 months
 - Stimulates soil-ecosystem
 - 100% vegetal

Tips from Bionova growers

✔  Organic tea preparation: required time 24/36 hours with an air pump in the water. Use chlorine-free water or in the case of tap water let it bubbling for about two hours with the pump, then add approximately 25 – 50 gr of Profimix per liter water, then use the tea maximum 6 hours after the pump shut down.

How to use Bionova Profimix?

Bionova Profimix is for a full growth cycle
Bionova Profimix is mixable with all Bionova substrates, stimulators, minerals & universals
Bionova Profimix is mixed into open soil or a substrate. 

Available in units
  • 2 kg
  • 25 kg
  • 1000 kg

Technical specifications

Mix 1 kg of Profimix with 0,25m³ (250L) of soil
Mix 1 kg of Profimix into 10m² of your outdoor field




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