New Labels From 2020

BioNova is proud to announce that we have renewed our labels.

During the last years, we have gathered all the feedback from our customers to see what we can improve from the provided information about the usage and ingredients of Bionova’s products.

During our experiences in the field and through all the received feedback concerning our labels, we started 4 years ago to renew our labels step by step.

The first thing needed to be changed was the layout. The former labels where not very clear concerning the usage and which product was best suitable for which substrate.   

Therefor we’ve made the first change in our labels by dividing the main fertilizers in different colors.

Starting with Soil Supermix. Even though the name was very clear, we still received questions on which substrate the Soil Supermix is usable.

The received feedback was not only applicable with the Soil Supermix, but also with BioNova’s other main fertilizers Coco Forte, Nutri Forte, Veganics and Aero Supermix.
After we divided the colors, the first milestone was done and resulted in the colors below.

Now it will be a lot easier to choose the right product for the right substrate. Just simply choose the substrate color and combine it with the main fertilizers that has the exact same color. 
Then the next step will be to choose a suitable stimulator.  
Although our Stimulators BN Roots, BN X-cell, BN Zym, Vitasol and Silution are usable in every type of substrate, our customers where not certain if these products could be used in their substrate.  
We simply covered this issue by adding the same main fertilizer symbols in the label.  

Now that the front was completely changed, we have moved on to see what else we could change in order to fulfil the customer demands worldwide.  
Until 2019 we had the problem that for example English residents in Portugal where not able to understand or read the information on the bottles.  
This due the fact that we only had 3 languages on our bottles.  
We start searching for a solution to fit more languages on the labels. This was a major issue because space was limited on the labels.  
Therefor we needed to change the size of label or could we figure something out?  
An idea out of the box was needed to deal with this situation. The dual label was the perfect solution for provide everybody, everywhere the needed info in order to use our fertilizers.  
Now the new labels is a peel off label containing 12 languages :  
Dutch, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Czechs, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Greek and Hebrew.  

Now you know the reason beyond the changes we have made, we from BioNova hope that from now on our fertilizers are easier to work with.  
Keep our eyes and ears open for any feedback!  
This because we believe you way is………..