Bionova Hydro

In Hydro cultivation the development of the rootsystem happens in an inert substrate, such as expanded clay, rock wool, perlite or directly immersed in the nutrient solution as in DWC (deep water culture) systems.

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Bionova Hydro Exploration Pack


Main fertilizer

Bionova Nutri Forte A + B Hydro

Concentrated hydro fertilizer


Bionova Roots

More roots, more flowers


Bionova Silution

Solution for the highest yield


Bionova The Missing Link (TML)

Premium green plants


Bionova Vitasol

The natural candy


Bionova X-ceL

Bigger fruits


Bionova Zym

The substrate energizer

Grow with Hydro Cultivation

✔ The roots and the plants grow faster than in conventional cultivation methods in substrates such as soil or coco mixtures.

✔ Without an organic substrate that acts as a buffer, the nutrients are not retained by any media, consequently the supply of fertilizers must be constant within the nutrient solution because from here the plants directly absorb mineral nutrients without being able to use nutrients from a buffer. 

✔ The liquid mineral fertilizers for Hydro cultivation, Nutri Forte A+B and Hydro Supermix…….. are totally available to the plants, are quickly absorbed and used for the development of growth and bloom.

✔ They provide all the main nutrient essentials for vigorous growth and prosperous flowering.

Combine it with all the stimulator products from BIONOVA, allow you reach maximum harvest potencies with your crops!