Bionova Microlife

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Productinformatie "Bionova Microlife"

Mycorrhiza / root booster


Mycorrhiza, cacao pellets, lime & clay minerals – Concentration 2kg:1000L soil – NPK 2-2-2

Mycorrhiza for the rootsystem

Mycorrhiza soil enhancer with micro-organisms. Microlife stimulates, enriches and adds natural occuring micro-organisms to the soil. This assures a better structure, better rooting and the air-water household will be enhanced. The uptakable fertilizers will be easier and more available, which results in a higher yield. Microlife organisms bring back the soul to your soil!

What is BioNova Microlife?

MicroLife is packed full of essential soil organisms like Mycorrhiza sp., Bacillus sp., yeasts and enzymes combined in an organic blend of algae, cacao pellets, lime and compost. MicroLife not only stimulates the growth of micro-organisms, it also stimulates the growth and flowering of all plants with the addition of a variety of trace elements and natural hormones. The unique composition of MicroLife enriches and stimulates soil life, which enhances the soil structure. rooting and overall health of all plants. In this enhanced environment, organic and inorganic soil particles blend optimally, creating a more efficient air/water economy. Nutrients are made more bio-available. Within a short period of time the effects are noticeable. With a nice woodsy smelling, airy, soil mixture, you have an environment in which any plant develops visibly better.

Tips from Bionova growers

✔  Organic tea preparation: required time 2/6 hours with an air pump in the water. Use chlorine-free water or in case of tap water let it bubble for about two hours. Then add the Bionova Microlife with a dosage of 10 gr / liter H2O then use the tea maximum 2 hours after pump shut down.
✔  Seed treatment: grind the pellet in a container then add the seeds previously moistened and mix carefully to completely cover the surface of the seeds.
  Treatment of clones and seedlings: to promote a faster root growth and prevent stress before transplanting, place the seedling or clone in a container with the pulverized pellet, making it available to the root system, then plant the seedling and moisten the soil.

How to use Bionova Microlife?

Bionova Microlife is usable from first week of growth until harvest.
Bionova Microlife is mixable with all Bionova fertilizers, stimulators, minerals, universals & substrates.
Bionova Microlife is mixed into open soil or a substrate. 

Available in units
  • 2 kg
  • 25 kg
  • 1000 kg

Technical specifications

Mix 1 kg of Microlife in 0,5m³ (500L) of soil
Mix 1 kg of Microlife in 20m² of your outdoor field




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