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For clean healthy plants


Various garlic components – Concentration 1:5 – NPK 0-0-0

Leaf cleaner

Natural leaf cleaner Bionova Novafoliar is a powerfull and effective cleaner against pollution of the leaf surface and clogged leaf pores (stomata) by waste from bugs and pests. This leaf cleaner cleans the crop of all organic pollution with the results that the crop is no longer attractive to all kinds of insects and fungi. Novafoliar is adviced to use in combination with Freeflow for full leaf coverage!

What is BioNova Novafoliar?

Bionova Novafoliar is a natural product based on various component from garlic. This cleaning product contains no chemicals or any ingredients which can harm humans/animals. When your leafs are covered with intruders or are polluted, it is important to treat your plant and clean off these dangers to your potential harvest. Bionova Novafoliar is the product to do so, spraying 2-3 times and most pollutions will disappear.

Tips from Bionova growers

✔  When growing in environments with a high risk of contamination by insects and fungi use Novafoliar as a preventive treatment every 10-15 days from the beginning of cultivation until the first week of flowering. then if the infestation persists. treat only the basal. middle and internal parts of plants in the flowering phase.
✔  Before transfering plants into the growth and/or flowering rooms. treat the clones and seedlings by immersing them totally for a few seconds in a Novafoliar solution with a dosage from 1 liter Novafoliar to 2 liter of water.
✔  To increase the effectiveness and duration of the treatments, always add FreeFlow to the mixture. 

How to use Bionova Novafoliar

Bionova Novafoliar is advised to use during growth period and in flowering don’t spray directly on flowers/fruits
Bionova Novafoliar is only mixable with Bionova Freeflow
Bionova Novafoliar can only be used as foliar spray.

Available in units
  • 1 liter
  • 5 liter
  • 20 liter
  • 200 liter
  • 1000 liter on request


Technical specifications

Application in irrigation is not possible
Application as foliar spray
1 liter in 5 liters of water




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Bionova Freeflow

100% leaf coverage

100% leaf coverage when spraying UniversalsOrganic yucca extract – Concentration 1:2000 – NPK 0-0-0 Natural wetting agent Bionova Freeflow is a certified vegan organic product. Bionova Freeflow lowers the surface-tension of water, to make it penetrate more easily in soil or substrates which don't take water properly. When spraying your plants, Bionova Freeflow is highly adviced as it makes sure you'll cover every spot on the leaves, highly important when spraying against pests. Yucca is high in natural wetting agents called schidigera & saponins. Saponins steroidal-based natural chemicals make water actually wetter, breaking the polarity of the water molecule. So, when adding yucca extracts to a nutrient solution, the water and nutrients can better penetrate the substrate surface and effectively spread to all the roots. When decomposing Coco Bricks. Bionova Freeflow is highly adviced as it will speed up the process significantly. Bionova Freeflow also ensures a better oxygen supply for the plants. What is BioNova Freeflow? Bionova Freeflow is a yucca extract product, yucca is a desert plant that is used to deal with excessive heat stress. drought stress. UV stress and salt stress. When we take the extracts from a plant which adapted to such harsh conditions, when yucca is harvested many of the stress reducing components comes with it. Applying yucca extracts to your cultivation, will give your plants an extra boost in helping them deal with adverse conditions. Beat the heat! Tips from Bionova growers ✔  The usage of Freeflow will increase the plant resistance against severe drought stress, due to the extremely pure Yucca extracts in Bionova Freeflow. ✔  Mix Freeflow to increase the effectiveness and duration of pesticides and nutritional treatments both in the soil and on the plant (leafs/stems)   How to use Bionova Freeflow? Bionova Freeflow is usable from the first week of growth until harvest . Bionova Freeflow is mixable with all Bionova stimulators, minerals, universals & substrates. Bionova Freeflow can be used in irrigation and as foliar spray. Available in units 250 ml 1 liter 5 liter 20 liter 200 liter 1000 liter on request Technical specifications Application in irrigation 2ml per 10 liter Application as foliar spray 10ml per liter SEE THE FEEDING CHARTS  Cultivation          Application


Bionova Silution

Solution for the highest yield

The solution for the highest yield  Stimulator Bio-stabilized silicic acid – Concentration 1:5000 – NPK 0-0-0 For the ultimate flower Bionova Silution is a plant strengthening liquid stimulator based on stabilized silicic acid and fulvic acid. Silution stimulates nutrient uptake, defense against viruses and infections and results in more dry weight. What is BioNova Silution? The effectiveness of Silution in strengthening the plant and stimulating growth and flowering is particularly visible with agricultural operations that have less optimal growing conditions such as in greenhouses, indoor crops, growing in warm climates and high risk infection conditions. Even though silicon can be found in the soil almost everywhere on earth, it is usually not bio-available. All substrates do not contain enough plant absorbable silicon. Mono silicic acid in Silution is the only form of silicon that is 100% bio-available to the roots. Silution has a lot of benefits: - Crops have a higher resistance against the negative impact of stress - Stronger cell walls - Stronger defence against plant infections and pests - More resistant against temperature differences and/or extreme temperatures - Thicker trunks and branches. with more internodes - Plants are more able to support the weight on their branches - Higher dry weight content of the end product Tips from Bionova growers ✔  Use Bionova Silution as foliar feeding every 10 days spraying it on clones. seedlings and mother plants to strength plants tissues and prevent diseases due to nursery high humidity conditions. ✔  Bionova Silution should be used every time on mother plants as foliar feeding just before taking off clones to strengthen plant cells and tissues and promote a faster cuttings rooting process.✔  The usage of Bionova Silution helps you to feed more frequently your plants. Bionova Silution increases the plant’s nutrients uptake. bringing more efficiency to every single feed.✔  Apply Bionova Silution weekly from start growing phase until the end of the  growing phase by foliar spray to promote the amount of internodes. which results in more harvest. Dilution 2ml to 1 liter of water.How to use Bionova Silution? Always first apply pure water to the water tank, then add the correct amount of Silution and mix thoroughly! After this add the normal dosage of other fertilizers and stimulators and mix thoroughly again! Bionova Silution is usable from first week of growth until the final week of flowering. Bionova Silution is mixable with all Bionova fertilizers. stimulators. minerals. universals & substrates. Bionova Silution can be used as irrigation and as foliar spray.  Available in units 250 ml 1 liter 5 liter 20 liter 200 liter 1000 liter on request  Technical specifications Application in irrigationFirst mix 2ml to 10 liters of water, mix thoroughly, and then add all other fertilizers and stimulators.   Application as foliar spray Spray Bionova Silution from the start of the growing phase until the end of the  flowering phase to promote the amount of internodes, which results in more harvest. Dilution 2ml to 1 liter of water.    See the feeding charts Cultivation        Application


Bionova The Missing Link (TML)

Premium green plants

Premium green plants Stimulators 100% organic/vegan – Concentration 1:2000 – NPK 0-0-0 Vitalizer for healthier flowering The Missing Link is a blend of organic materials which stimulates the natural immune defence system of any plant. The Missing link vitalizes plants to prevent most deficiencies created by our over cultivated environment. Growing and breeding in artificial environments like horticulture and agriculture are responsible for these deficiencies. What is BioNova The Missing Link? The Missing Link is a 100% certified organic/vegan stimulator. The world’s best quality Fulvic Acid combined with precious metals, creates the ultimate immune system! This ultimate immune system lowers stress factors significantly. This way the plant will achieve its full harvest potency. a compact and vital growth and cuts down the need for pesticides/fungicides. The Missing Link is an exclusive Bionova product for Premium Green plants! As a result of deficiencies from essential nutrients the organisms are no longer able to fully develop themselves. The absorption of these indispensable nutrients leads to an unprecedented positive effect on either the quality and the yield of treated crops. This product fills the gap in the foodchain which had not been discovered before. Justifiably this product can be called The Missing Link Tips from Bionova growers ✔  During the vegetative phase it is recommended to use TML as foliar spray once a week until the beginning of the flowering phase. ✔  Spray The Missing Link on mother plants just before and after cuttings are taken.✔  Spray The Missing Link on cuttings and seedlings to prevent infection and diseases due to high humidity conditions How to use Bionova The Missing Link? Bionova The Missing Link is usable from first week of growth until the final week of flowering. Bionova The Missing Link is mixable with all Bionova fertilizers. stimulators. minerals. universals & substrates. Bionova The Missing Link can be used as irrigation and as foliar spray. Available in units 250 ml 1 liter 5 liter 20 liter 200 liter 1000 liter on request Technical specifications Application in irrigation Continuously 6 ml per 10 liters of water, from the beginning until harvest.   Application as foliar spray During growth and first week flowering. use 0.25 ml to 0.50 ml per liter. Use max 3 times. See the feeding charts  Cultivation        Application