Bionova Coco

Coco fibers create a very airy and oxygenated substrate which allows rapid and massive development of the root system. See below all our Coco fertilizers and stimulators.


Bionova Roots

More roots, more flowers


Explore your way to grow

Bionova Coco Exploration Pack



Bionova X-ceL

Bigger fruits


Bionova The Missing Link (TML)

Premium green plants


Bionova Zym

The substrate energizer


Bionova Vitasol

The natural candy


Bionova Cocobrick

Premium washed and buffered pressed Cocobricks


Bionova Silution

Solution for the highest yield


Bionova Cocomix Plus

Premium washed and buffered Cocos

Main fertilizer

Bionova Coco Forte A+B Coco

Concentrated Coco fertilizer

Grow with Coco Cultivation

But on the other side it does not retain nutrients except in small quantities, Its almost an inert medium and for this reason the supply of nutritional elements must be constant, almost daily.

✔ Our CocoMix Plus substrate is already washed & buffered which results in a more stable pH value during cultivation and an increased capacity to retain and release nutrients.

✔ The fertilizers that best adapt to this way of growing are the minerals quickly absorbed by plants to be used in this type of substrate.

✔ Feed your plants with Coco Forte A+B, which provides all the main nutritional elements in the right ratio, to reach maximum harvest potency on your crops!