Bionova Cocomix Plus

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Product information "Bionova Cocomix Plus"

Premium washed and buffered Cocos 


unfertilized coco – 50L – NPK 0-0-0

100% natural coco substrate

Bionova Cocomix Plus is an excellent natural 100% coco substrate. This coco mix consists of grinded and sieved cocopeat. The mix is delivered in recyclable plastic bags of 50 litres and is ready-to-use. Because this substrate is not fertilized, you have to start fertilizing after planting. Recommended is Coco Forte A+B. This mix is of a sublime quality and keeps its quality and airiness for a long period. This coco mix is perlite free, and therefore 100% compostable.

What is Cocomix Plus?

Bio Cocomix plus contains: washed and buffered natural cocopeat derived from coco palm trees of Sri Lanka.
Available in units
  • 50L bags 
  • 65 bags per pallet

Technical specifications

EC ± 0.2
pH ± 6.5
This Cocomix Plus is free of chemical and animal ingredients