Bionova Aero

In Aero Cultivation the nutrient solution is constantly nebulized or sprayed directly on the roots during 24h. So a soft nutrient is mandatory!

Main Fertilizer

Bionova Aero Supermix

Concentrated Aero Fertilizer


Explore your way to grow

Bionova Aero Exploration Pack



Bionova PK 13-14

The original PK 13-14


Bionova X-ceL

Bigger fruits


Bionova The Missing Link (TML)

Premium green plants


Bionova Zym

The substrate energizer


Bionova Silution

Solution for the highest yield


Bionova Vitasol

The natural candy


Bionova Roots

More roots, more flowers

Grow with Aero Cultivation

✔ As in Hydro Cultivation, also in Aeroponics, the root system, grow in airy and dark environments without any substrate.

✔ It is the fastest and most efficient cultivation system if related to the other types, as well as being the most technologically advanced system.

✔ With Aero Supermix unique and amazing results are ensured.

✔ This fertilizer is specially produced to allow a very rapid absorption of nutrients by the root hair due to the short time of contact and exchange between the circulating nutrient solution and the root system.

✔ Contains a larger concentration of elements, especially micro-elements.

✔ Combining it with the stimulators of BIONOVA, allow you to obtain maximum harvest potencies with your crops!